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We believe that activities and hobbies should be an integral part of growing up.

Our aim is to discover new and exciting activities and hobby classes that fit your needs and hectic lifestyle.

We let your child pursue that passion, enhance that skill and unlock their true potential.

We encourage activities that contribute to a well rounded personality fostering both success and happiness for your child.

"I believe that it is very important for the kids to engage in activities and hobbies that enable them to explore , pursue a passion, improve a skill or just follow an interest"- Vandana Sachar

Vandana's Hobby classes is mushrooming with a wide spectrum of courses and training options available. It is a wonderful way to master the art where passion prevails. These classes are also said to play a key role in polishing hidden talents and abilities of kids in many different ways.There are many options available with the courses like Calligraphy, Art and Craft, drawing, pot painting, glass painting, gift wrapping, home made chocolate.

Many parents during school holidays prefer enrolling their children for hobby classes to help them boost their confidence and also contribute to their overall development.

Why Home Tuitions?

With private home tuitions, student's progress will get increased abundantly. Students will be without fear of other competing students around them. Students get an advantage in learning closely and interacting with their tutors, will ask some questions, doubts and getting clarifications, sharing their ideology freely with their home tutor. Students get personal attention, guidance and tips by their home tutor.

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